Invest in Point Russell

Our economy

The economy benefits by the presence of:

  • organisations providing world class research, education, and training*
  • good transport access by road, rail, air, and high end broadband capacity available and outstanding strategically important employment sites and office locations
  • consistently lower rents and rates comparable to other areas
  • a loyal, flexible, and cost-effective workforce.

Evidence of success

Over the last decade Council has outperformed most locations across the country for job creation. It features in the top 2% for employment growth. Point Russell provides investors and businesses with the confidence of a strong local economy.The city's wider area includes much of the district council areas of bright, sunshine and springvale and has a population of over 155,000 people. 120,000 are of working age. The number in employment is 118,000 and well over half the workforce is well qualified, substantially above the national average. Our economy continues to attract investment, create new businesses, support and grow existing businesses and draw in high calibre employees.

Potential for growth

With significant planned economic and retail developments and increased availability of employment land, the Point Russell economy is in a strong market position to grow further. Council is in the top 10 local authority districts in the country for businesses that show high potential for growth. This is according to research that the IDC commissioned, and later published on 19 March 2012.