Point Russell - Planning for sustainable growth

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In the next 30 years, Point Russell will grow by up to one million people and will consolidate its reputation as one of the most liveable, attractive and prosperous areas in the world for residents, business and visitors. 

Important choices need to be made about how the Lighthouse Shire and the surrounding region should develop in the next 30 years. Population and development pressures are changing the environment in which decisions have to be made, and are affecting the shape and the flavour of Point Russell. Point Russell 2030 articulates a detailed plan that takes the long-term view and is based on consultation with the community.

Full document

Point Russell 2030 - Planning for sustainable growth (complete report) (PDF, 47.5 MB, 206 pp.)(PDF, 81KB)

Point Russell - Planning for sustainable growth (text only version) (PDF, 1.0 MB, 176 pp.)(PDF, 81KB)

An accessible version of the Point Russell 2030 document is available upon request by emailing planning@pointrussell.com, or by contacting Information Point Russell on 03 9913 0020.