Replace a bin or request an additional bin

All rateable residential properties within Point Russell are provided with a 240 litre garbage bin (green lid) and a 240 litre recycling bin (yellow lid).

New Bins

If you have built a new premises and require a garbage and recycling service for your property, you are entitled to one free garbage bin and one free recycling bin.

Request a New Bin

Damaged or Stolen Bin

If you have an existing bin that has been damaged or stolen, please let us know. Repair or replacement fees may apply and will be charged at the discretion of the council officer inspecting your case. 

Request a Replacement Bin

Additional Garbage or Recycling Bins

Residents are entitled to more than one service at each property, and additional fees will need to be paid based on the type and number of additional bins you require.

Request an Additional Bin